COE launch Celebration Evenings

8 February 2016

Boston United’s Centre of Excellence held their first ever Celebration Evening on Thursday 28th January to celebrate their Foundation Phase players in the Under-9s to Under-12 age groups.

These Celebration sessions have been put together by Lee Rostron, Lead Foundation Phase Coach, and Centre of Excellence Manager Martyn Bunce (a name many supporters are sure to know!).

These sessions focus on the positives of our young players, and key areas they are particularly strong in. The phase was split up into four categories: Dribblers. Tacklers, Passers and Finishers – with coaches being challenged to put their players in to these categories based on their players’ strengths.

Sometimes coaches can focus on the negatives on what players need to improve on rather than what they are already good at. This can lead players to go through an ‘academy process’, focusing solely on what they can do better, and inevitably developing players that average at all facets of the game, rather than being brilliant at one.

These evenings are carefully designed to meet the needs of all players. Nick Lovelace and Stuart Cross worked with talented dribblers, Steve Johnson took the Passers as they looked to hone their possession skills. Chris Williams worked with all the players that go and win the ball and defenders, and Mark Melson and Iain Henton delivered a session with the sharp shooters.

These sessions are very unique, and Boston United are one of the first clubs to implement this innovative way of training and coaching. It is also gives us the opportunity to mix the age groups, which has led to younger players pushing themselves to compete with older peers and older players taking on mentoring roles and developing their leadership skills.

These Celebration Evenings are taking place once a month and have been beneficial in celebrating the success of our young players.

If you’d like more information about our Centre of Excellence and elite football development programme, visit our Centre of Excellence pages or email Martyn Bunce on You can also watch our Celebration Evening video on Youtube here.

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