School Team Training and Tournament Provision

Boston United Community Foundation can provide your school with a sports coach to run or help your school with an after school club or lunchtime club that is tailored as a Team Practice.

This is a session for additional School Team practice to enhance a sports team performance or prepare for a tournament.

Our staff work with teachers to help improve areas of play that the team may struggle with and can be present for match days. As a scheme we can coach all different sports to be as diverse as possible for your school.

It can also be a sports academy session – for those children who already love sport, this session is an advanced level and a great way to develop their skills and sporting abilities for the gifted and talented.

We can also offer ‘in house’ tournaments between classes and year groups, these can take place at lunchtimes, before or after school or as a whole day festival (example: skills in the morning, tournament in the afternoon). We can also provide the necessary planning, awards and officials for these events. Tournaments in schools can have a huge success to increase participation numbers in physical activity within primary schools, and helps us support schools with identifying talented students and setting individual plans for them to be challenged within their sports sessions throughout the week.

If you’d like more information on our team training and tournament provisions, please contact Nick Reeson on / (01205) 364406.

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