That’s the Spirit!

14 June 2016

United Cheer Team have received eight Top 3 places in the recent ICE Street, Cheer and General Dancing event, as well as scooping the coveted Spirit Award for the day which was awarded for sportsmanship, encouragement and support!

The team travelled to Luton on Sunday 12th June to enter their first ICE Street, Cheer and General Dancing event. Nine Stunt Teams competed, some of which had never competed before and some that were competing in group stunt for the first time!

We arrived at the venue in good time and set a good attitude from the off supporting and congratulating all teams on and off the cheer mat. Everyone involved had a great day and came away feeling very pleased with their results.

Results are as followed:

  • Group Stunts – Mini Level 1 – UCT Glitters – 2nd place
  • Group Stunts – Mini Level 1 – UCT Crystals – 3rd place
  • Group Stunts – Youth Level 1 – UCT Pearls – 2nd place
  • Group Stunts – Junior Level 1 – UCT Moonstones – 4th place
  • Group Stunts – Mini Level 2 – UCT Sparkles – 1st place
  • Group Stunts – Youth Level 2 – UCT Diamonds – 1st place
  • Group Stunts – Youth Level 2 – UCT Opals – 2nd place
  • Group Stunts – Senior Level 2 – UCT Jets – 1st place
  • Group Stunts – Masters Level 2 – UCT Gems – 2nd place


The final award of the day was for the Spirit Award – this is an award chosen by the organiser and judges for the team that showed sportsmanship, encouragement and support throughout the day and I am over the moon to say UCT were the winners!

We were only there for part of the day but winning this award has shown what a fantastic supportive squad we are. Thank you and well done to everyone involved, the good luck gifts and cards you made and handed out were amazing.

One final thank you goes to the continued support that United Cheer Team has from parents, friends and family, chaperones and all the coaches that give up their time to help – I appreciate all of it and couldn’t manage without you all!

We are proud of you say we are proud of you………..Good Job!!

Nicola Drummond, Head UCT Coach


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