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7 December 2016

On Thursday 27th October, we joined forces with Lincolnshire County Council to hold a special Pilgrims Goalz youth club in Boston. As well as enjoying a variety of fun activities and sports, the children welcomed a very special guest – Ryan Smith, along with his dad Mark and volunteers from the Ryan Smith Foundation.

Ryan suffered severe brain injuries in a cycling accident in July 2013 when he was struck by a van on a narrow road in Lincolnshire – an accident which could not have been avoided. Ryan didn’t want to mess his hair up by wearing a cycling helmet – something which could have lessened his brain injuries.

Since his accident, Ryan’s family set up the Ryan Smith foundation, a registered charity which promotes cycle helmet safety awareness in schools and petitions to make cycle helmets compulsory. All money raised by the Foundation is used to assist those with brain injuries and their families, and promote cycle helmet safety awareness.

Ryan and his family have supported LCC group sessions with young people, promoting road safety and also raising aspirations of young people in the Boston area.

To show their appreciation for this, Annabel, Michaela, Sam and Cheryl from the Lincolnshire County Council’s Early Help Team joined Ryan and his family to climb Mount Snowdon on Friday 2nd September to raise funds for the foundation. After a long five and a half hours they managed to get Ryan to the top – and they raised over £1,000!

This was a phenomenal experience for everyone involved, and to celebrate they joined forces with Boston United to hold this Pilgrims Goalz celebration event for young people to come together and share the experience, as well as learn about the foundation and raise awareness of road safety and the importance of wearing a cycling helmet.

If you would like more information about the Ryan Smith Foundation, please visit their Facebook page:

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