Our Vision and Objectives

Our vision is to help members of the community accomplish their goals by delivering a range of quality, innovative projects through football and sports. Through this vision we have broken it down in to more specific aims:

  • To increase and develop new opportunities for community members to participate in sport and physical activity.
  • To develop and nurture the local youth of tomorrow.
  • To create and develop opportunities for everyone to engage in grassroots football.
  • To increase physical activity levels and promote healthy lifestyles.
  • To raise peoples’ aspirations and attainment levels in sport.
  • To deliver innovative projects in order to engage and bring together various groups and communities through sport.
  • To create and provide opportunities for local people to develop skills, access training, volunteering and employment.
  • To develop and create links with Boston United Football Club ‘The Pilgrims’ fans for the future.

Our Strategic Goals

Our strategic aims reflect the balance of maintaining our existing projects whilst developing new opportunities through implementing more sports. The importance of sustainability whilst developing our sports programme is vital. Our sports programme feels it is important to recognise the need for securing wider sources of incomes through donations, grants, fundraising and subscriptions.

  • To use the power of Boston United Football Club to engage supporters and the wider community to help the club meet their corporate and social responsibilities.
  • Maintain and increase the quality of current projects and core programmes.
  • To raise the profile and awareness of Boston United Football Club Community Foundation and Boston United Football Club in order to demonstrate its impact and value within the community.
  • To ensure the organisation’s sustainability by a diverse range of income opportunities whilst meeting the needs of the community.
  • To increase the growth of the organisation through investigating, consulting, planning and developing new programmes to engage with new customers.
  • To identify and engage with partners, businesses and organisations to meet the aims of the organisation and the wider community.

Our Objectives

We have a series of objectives to enable us to provide a high quality, sports coaching programme in our local communities:

  • To deliver a range of sports based activities outside of school curriculum time and creating sporting pathways to the needs of the community.
  • To support schools and other education establishments by delivering a range of activities to engage young people through sports and the brand of Boston United Football Club.
  • To offer and develop programmes in to grassroots football regardless of age, gender or ability.
  • To offer quality coaching to both boys and girls combined with a relevant education package in order to produce young people of integrity with the ability to play football for Boston United Football Club.
  • To offer a range of health and physical activity sessions to meet the needs of the local community.
  • To deliver and increase access to a range of activities and projects too hard to reach communities.
  • To offer work placements, volunteering opportunities and training to help people develop their employment prospects
  • To provide match day experiences, ticket initiatives, and deliver other schemes to raise the profile of Boston United Football Club.
  • It is essential to ensure that the aims of our programme meet those of our partners too.

Boston United Football Club

Our connection with Boston United Football Club has been instrumental in the success of the Boston United Football Club Community Foundation programme. Boston United Football Club receives incredible local support from fans and the wider community that is dedicated, loyal and passionate, which have proven to be effective in attracting participants to engage in our activities.

Community Activity

Both Boston United Football Club Community Foundation and Boston United Football Club participate in various activities to assist local charities and voluntary groups by ways of match day collections, attending meetings and various other events.

Benefactors of our community work include Lincolnshire Sports Partnership, Schools, Boston & District School Sports Partnership, Women’s Aid, Action for Young Carers, Lincolnshire Foundation Partnership Trust, YMCA Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, South Lincs CVS, Boston Borough Council, TaylorITEX, Boston Community Safety Partnership, Boston Mayflower Housing amongst many others.

Corporate Responsibility

We recognise the need to act as a positive role model in the community and accept by taking an active lead in endorsing crucial messages and initiatives we generate opportunities to raise the profile of Boston United Football Club within in the local community.

Who We Are & Contact Us

Boston United Community Foundation is one of the top community sports coaching programmes in Lincolnshire, delivering safe and affordable activities that bring all members of the community together regardless of their circumstances.

The Jakemans Stadium
Pilgrim Way, Boston, PE21 7NE

01205 364406

Boston United Community Foundation is a Registered Charity No. 1174561.

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