Percy Penguin

Many years ago there was an Emperor Penguin named Percy Penguin who lived in Antarctica. He was just a penguin doing everyday penguin stuff like swimming and fishing.

But Percy Penguin was so bored with his everyday life as it had become very repetitive. So one day he decided he wanted to make a better and more exciting life for himself.

Percy Penguin has always been a big fan of football as that was his main hobby. Percy loved his beloved Antarctica Football Club, but after being on trial there Percy got denied his chance to play for his beloved team.

Intially, Percy Penguin felt very upset about the matter until he saw in the Antarctica Weekly Newspaper that there was a chance of lifetime opportunity! It was a one way boat trip out of the Antarctica on a massive ship called the Pilgrim Fathers. The only catch was there was only a set number of places and only one person would be chosen for the job advertised – to be Boston United Football Club’s mascot!

Percy was desperate to set sail on a new adventure. He made sure he was there bright and early by sleeping right next to the dock that night. On the 20th July 2011 Percy Penguin set sail on the famous Pilgrim Fathers Ship. Half way on his journey, the captain told Percy Penguin that the place he was going to be staying at and working in a place called Boston in England.

He was also told by the captain that his job would start straight away when the ship docked. Percy Penguin was over the moon to know that he was going to be working as the new mascot for Boston United.

After a rough journey, Percy was met at the Boston docks by club officials who gave him everything he needed to become the best mascot. It was on 7th August 2011 that Percy made his debut at the Boston United Community Day. Now Percy comea along to all of Boston United football games and events.

This story of Percy Penguin shows that dreams can come true, as long as you believe in yourself and work hard!

Percy Penguin Fact File

  • Name: Percy Penguin
  • Place of Birth/Home Town: Antarctica
  • Height: 5ft 11
  • Shoe Size: 14
  • Hobbies: Percy loves all sports but mainly football, ice hockey, swimming and fishing. He also likes social media!
  • Favourite Food: Fish
  • Favourite Team: Boston United and Antarctica FC
  • Favourite Film: Mr Poppers Penguins, Happy Feet, Madagascar
  • Favourite Newspaper: Antarctica Weekly and Boston’s local newspapers
  • Club Debut: 7th August 2011 at the Boston United Community Day
  • Honours: No club honours presently though Percy is hoping to see Boston United get promoted
  • Advice: Never be unhappy, work hard towards goals and believe in yourself! Dreams can come true.

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